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Gameloft Developing 4 Multi-Platform Games Powered by Unreal Engine 3 for iOS, Android, PSN and Set-up Boxes

Written on March 01, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Gameloft goes Unreal Engine 3 as the company has struck a deal with Epic Games to deliver four multi-platform games to the iOS, Android, PSN, and set-up boxes.

The , and cultists got something good coming their way as announced a “long-term, multi-platform licensing agreeement” with Epic Games, Inc. You know what this means? Yeah, it means is going to make sweet use of the powerful ; and four new games are well on their way, two to be released this year, while the remaining in 2012.

The games will be released across four platforms namely the iOS, , the and set-top boxes. We won’t know what the games are going to be about, but we’re pretty sure that they’ll look (relatively) stunning. What else can we expect for something unreal as the Unreal Engine 3?

According to Julien Forunials, Gameloft VP of production “Gameloft is very pleased to partner with Epic, especially with their ability to stay ahead of the curve and continually place the best game engine technology in developers’ hands at any given point in time. Using Unreal Engine 3 allows us to push game visuals with remarkable lighting and high-fidelity environments. We are confident that players will enjoy the games powered by Unreal Engine 3.”

Epic Game VP Mark Rein on the other hand shared “There is no doubt that the four games running on Unreal Engine 3 will be visually stunning andtake advantage of the powerful mobile gaming devices. We are thrilled to provide our technology to Gameloft and look forward to a lasting collaboration.”

Expect something amazing from the Gameloft-Epic Games partnership.

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