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Category: Internet Technology

Google Glitch: 150,000 Gmail Accounts Disabled

Written on March 01, 2011 by Charles Bass

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What happened Google?

Yesterday, a massive glitch on 150,000 accounts took place. Apparently, these accounts got disabled. Account users were devastated to know that all their emails, attachments and chat logs were gone.

explained that  “less than 0.08%” of Gmail accounts were affected by the “bug” which completely the accounts.

Google explained the error on its Apps Status Dashboard:

“Google engineers are working to restore full access. Affected users may be temporarily unable to sign in while we repair their accounts.”

In an earlier message, Google wrote, “For those Gmail users reporting messages, our engineers are working to restore them as soon as possible.”

Now for those who haven’t been bitten by the bug, back-up your Gmail now. Click here.

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