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The Gmail Cloud in Not Falling

Written on March 01, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Despite the Gmail outage, the cloud is alive and well and it remains one heck of a safe place to store your email (and everything else for that matter).

Last Monday, ’s buzzed the blogosphere. However, the sky isn’t falling yet. The is still alive and remains the safe place to store your . It’s just that, there are some cloud naysayers that would tell you why it’s a bad idea to store valuable information on the cloud every time things like this happens.

Be that as it may, there are still people who can’t replicate their data in a regularly backed-up servers like Google does. They may download all of their e-mails from their Gmail or Google Apps account, but backing-up data will still be the search engine giant’s line of expertise. Though it’s no doubt that those small number of affected Gmail users panicked after the outage, Google still have tape backups. These tapes allow them to retrieve their files if given ample time.

So backing up your Gmail to another web mail service can be a good idea. Still, the Gmail outage represents just a fraction of the hours that the system is up. A time which nobody gave a second thought to where their e-mail is exactly.

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