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IE9, Coming this March?

Written on March 02, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Microsoft's IE9 is making another huge buzz, as reports are telling that the ninth iteration of the web browser will come on March 24 (or is it 14?).

A rogue tweet from MSDN India’s official Twitter account has apparently stated the ’s . Though it’s been deleted since, there are reports saying that MSDN India tweeted the release of IE9 will be in time for the . Set to take place in Bangalore, India on March 23 – 25, the rumors seems likely. and Windows Live General Manager, Brian Hall, is set to give a keynote speech on March 24 at the said event.

However, another rumor suggests that people need not to wait until March 24. Another report says that will launch the IE9 at the on March 14. Equally, has an IE party on that same date. But the official occasion is said to “Celebrate the Beauty of the Web”. Nevertheless, both rumors are still hearsay.

As soon as the official announcement is out, Gadg will let you know.

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