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TED 2011: Virtual Choir Brings Down the House

Written on March 02, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Internet has evolved into anything the user wants it to become, including an ethereal virtual choir that transcends the barriers of distance.

We’re entering day 3 of , and so far this is the presentation that wowed the audience and the world over as it is the only one that has received a standing ovation, which is usually reserved for speakers later in the event’s line-up. But and his certainly sweeped the crowd off their feet using nothing more than webcams and an internet connection.

The group is composed of choir members from around the globe which includes Austria, Argentina, Canada, England, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, The Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and the United States of America. The title of the piece was “Lux Aurumque (Light and Gold),” a composition based on a poem by Edward Esch.

You can read more about TED 2011 by clicking this link.

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