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Break A Sweat with the Top 5 Free Health and Fitness Android Apps

Written on March 05, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Getting fit and healthy is just an Android app away.

The OS presents thousands and thousands of apps as the community grows into epic proportions. With 200,000+ and still counting applications readily available, it’s getting hard to single out the best apps for our everyday needs.

has never been this important at this day and age. With the upheaval of pop culture pressuring people on getting that perfect figure or physique (thanks alot celebrities, you make us feel REALLY bad about ourselves), it is inevitable that most of us become concious of what we eat and what we do on a daily basis. The world of Google Android presents alot of options for people to track what they eat and how intense/effective their workout sessions are. But we’ve chosen the best ones to jumpstart your road in getting that healthy body and lifestyle you truly deserve.

1. Sports Tracker - The most popular and highly rated fitness Android App available out there. Although the overall design aesthetics barely speaks health and fitness, this little powerhouse tracks all your activities ranging from running, cycling, walking, and other sports. It records your speed, distance, and calories consumed within your designated time frame which allows you to measure how much you’ve achieved.

The app uses Google Maps to track your course plus you can receive pep-talks from your friends within the Endomondo world. And of course, no work out is complete without some music so Endomondo allows you to choose from your saved playlist.

2. – Pretty much similar to the Endomondo, but Nike Boom covers more sports plus it has a sleeker, more awesome looking interface. Plus you get to download pep talks from professional coaches and athletes that will boost your overall performance. Because nothing lifts you up more than complete professional strangers, right?

3. Calorie Counter – The ultimate tool to check your daily caloric and nutrition intake. The app is pretty easy to use as it lets you input some information about yourself and calculates how much nutrients/vitamins you have to take within the day to reach a particular weight goal. It also allows you to track the foods you eat either by scanning the barcode on the item or entering it manually to the app’s database.

Never again will you keep guessing how much more you need to eat before you reach your goal/limit as Calorie Counter becomes your personal fitness adviser.

4. First Aid – Got an injury? No worries. First Aid’s got you covered as it gives you information on how to deal with alot of emergency situations (though we don’t think getting hit by a car is included here).

5. Instant – An easy app that lets you record your heart rate. Just lightly press your finger over the camera and wait for a couple of seconds then poof, your heart rate in a heart beat.

And so those are our quintessential apps for your active lifestyle. If you know some other Health and Fitness Android applications that’s worth mentioning, then drop a comment below!


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