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As the Tablet War Heats Up, Microsoft Windows Decides to Sit this One Out Until 2012

Written on March 06, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Microsoft Windows isn't ready for the big leagues yet as it lets Apple and Google Android take all the glory.

We’ve seen the 2, and the is just aching to get a release soon. With Apple, HP, Motorola, and several companies all ready to go for an epic war of the this 2011, we ask: Where in the world is PC Microsoft? Well according to BusinessWorld, it seems that the company Bill Gates forged back in the 80’s is about to sit this one out until late 2012. Yes, no version of until an 3 or Banana Milk Shake (not real name) comes around.

According to unnamed sources, Microsoft will be doing some public tests of a new version of Windows by the end of 2011 with partners and customers. This version will be an update to the Windows 7 and will have features that will suit touch screens such as tablet devices. However, experts fear that doing a 2012 launch will be too-late for the once superior company as Apple and tighten their grip on the consumers.

On other news, PC sales, the home turf of Microsoft Windows, is slowly losing ground as consumers are getting into the tablet bandwagon. PC makers will ship 387.8 million units this 2011, an increase of 10.5 percent from last year, but down from an earlier projection for a 15.9 percent increase this year.

The clock is ticking Microsoft. Get going or get gone.

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