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Hello Fax, Goodbye Machine!

Written on March 07, 2011 by R. Cruise

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It's time to throw away your fax machine!

The birth of digital age made people realize that there are more ways to transfer and deliver documents with just a click of the button. In short, people learned to forget about the . It is time to get rid of the bulky machine and start sending your documents via .

How to do it through Hello Fax? Easy. First, take a photo of your signature. Next, upload the digital document which needs your signature; affix your signature on the document and your document is off to its destination. In addition, you can edit a document if it is something that is needed to be filled out.

Hello Fax offers free services for the first 20 faxes to US numbers. For succeeding faxes, services are priced at $2 per fax or $5 a month.

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