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TED 2011 Prize Winner JR Changes the World Using Art

Written on March 07, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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The art of changing the world requires no professional training. It's an attribute that's innate in every human being ever since birth.

It’s not only the or the , nor the politicians or the brilliant academic minds that change the world; it’s the people who think outside the box, the people who dedicate their lives for the love of the . Their works not only inspire creativity, but also evokes a distinct feeling that makes us look into ourselves and the world all over. JR, a , had humble beginnings as he naively does graffiti on the streets of Paris. Later on in his career, with the use of a camera equipped with a 28mm , he uncovers the faces of the world that are arguably controversial, but universally inspiring. As he wins the () Prize, he only has one wish, and that is for us to “turn the world inside out.”

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