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Sony PlayStation Launches Firmware v3.60 and @AskPlayStation Customer Service

Written on March 10, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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It's up with the clouds and more with customer services with Sony PlayStation's hot new launches.

It’s full of goodness today as the company unveils two hot new services: the cloud-bearing System Update we’ve been dying to get and your friendly neighborhood via . Both are now alive and running for Sony-zens out there.

The System Update Firmware v3.60 is the upgrade we’ve been waiting for not because it’s the update which materialized after the controversial lawsuit against PS3 hackers (well.. maybe that), but mostly because subscribers get the awesome feature of getting their game data saved up in the clouds or the . Yes, fans who’re shelling out $50 a year for the service, you can practically load and continue your saved games on any unit. For those who are cheap or couldn’t afford the subscription fee, firmware v3.60 gives you the uncanny ability to set how long the system will wait before it shuts down your DualShock and Sixaxis controllers. Epic win for battery life!

Another good news is the @AskPlayStation customer service available through Twitter. Although they assure us that quality is their middle name, they set up the service to deal with the problems and needs with any PlayStation product. The Twitter account is operational Monday through Friday 9:30AM to 5:00PM PST and provides real-time responses between 2PM to 5PM PST. @AskPlayStation will also provide alerts and helpful tips on how to make your PlayStation experience a little more convenient.

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