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Top 5 Free Android OS Games for Your Smartphones

Written on March 12, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Android OS may look like it means business on the outside, but deep inside, it's got loads of fun games that will make you forget that Infinity Blade is still on the iOS.

The isn’t particularly the hub where people can get the best gaming apps usually available to the iPhone. Though we’re still hoping for developers to make versions of their hit titles like Infinity Blade, Mirror’s Edge, Plants vs. Zombies, there are other games on the that may tickle our fancy and perhaps make us forget how awesome the iPhone OS games are even for just a moment. We’ve all come to admit that Google is more business or utility driven, but that doesn’t mean Google doesn’t know how to have some superficial, mind-numbing fun, right?

1. Angry Birds – Finland’s gift to the world, and the planet’s most popular smartphone game is on Android. We’ve all rejoiced and sang our hymns of prayer when Rovio announced that the Angry Birds game is coming to the Android OS. And now not only do we get the same fun as the iOS people are having, but we get it for free as well. *cue in evil laugh*

2. Gun Bros. – The famous action shooter is here on Android. Become a T.O.O.L. and join the brawl as you bring down intergalactic enemies with guns and bombs that’s gonna explode your mind. The 3D game is choked full of rich graphics and frequently updates and releases contents that will keep you going in the long run. Oh, again this one is FREE. Suck on that iOS people.

3. Pew Pew – Not only does the name speak ownage, but the game itself too. Pew Pew may come by as weird to the average gamer. But with it’s vintage Tron-like graphics, plus some interesting game mechanics and controls, Pew Pew has proven to be a very good shooter game that Android OS users will be addicted too. Just don’t get frustrated when you’re having a hard time at first, it’ll need some getting use to.

4. Hungry Shark – Feed your shark and become the wildest predator the seas have ever seen. Chomp your way through fishes and humans in this action-packed, fast-paced game which has been elevated to one iPhones most popular game.

5. NinjaJump – We just loooovve ninjas. NinjaJump’s got simple game mechanics: climb up the wall, avoid obstacles, kill random ninjas, weird dogs and twitter birds. And although it is as simple as it sounds, the game is highly addictive plus it’s got some sweet graphics to boot.

And so there we have our Top 5 . Android’s still got plenty more hidden beneath it’s corporate exterior, so just dig deep and you’ll eventually find awesome games that’ll make you forget Infinity Blade… oh crap PLEASE come to the Android OS!!!


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