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Category: Technology

CEA Urges 3D TV Makers for Universal Glasses

Written on March 14, 2011 by R. Cruise

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CEA got an awesome idea! Numerous 3D TV sets, one pair of 3D glasses, why not?

In a move to unify the use of 3D glasses, the () is planning to standardize 3D frames for all electronics company.

TG Daily reported that CEA  is encouraging companies to permit consumers to buy a single set of glasses which is applicable to use for all 3D TVs.

To give you a short background about this issue, 3D TVs nowadays use either stereoscopic 3D or passive 3D. There is also a concept being developed called  autostereoscopic TVs which does not require the viewer to use glasses even though the show is on 3D. For now, CEA is persuading companies to create a universal 3D spectacle suitable for stereoscopic 3D TVs, the used by most manufacturers.

This is a great idea to pursue since it saves a lot of time, effort and resources but Gadg think a  glasses-less 3D TV is the bomb!

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