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Android is Ready to Play with Your Minds, Sony Xperia Play Ad Delivers Gruesome to Smartphones

Written on March 15, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Sony is pulling out all the stops as they deliver a striking, terrifying ad that the smartphone world has NEVER done, and perhaps will never do.

Only can think about doing a smartphone with this degree of horrifying imagery. Many were already appaled by the first Sony where we saw the green we-thought-it-was-cute bot with human fingers crudely stitched to its hands, and now we come across with the backstory of where the thumbs came from. In a nutshell, a guy was clubbing on a bar, got hooked up with a girl and the next thing he knows is that his thumbs are gone and is now reporting on some South East Asian police joint. This advertising masterpiece has an editorial feel to it and apparently talks to guys (or girls) that want serious fun on their . It doesn’t exactly speak , it’s all Sony. And we love it!

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