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Internet Explorer 9 Now Available for Download

Written on March 15, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Microsoft fights back with a better, faster, and easier to use Internet Explorer 9. Download the program today!

And so the Internet Explorer web-browser rises from the ashes as it makes a sweet comeback with the Internet Explorer 9 which is now available for at Those who were dreaded by the awful browser we buried 100-feet under called the Internet Explorer 8 will be pleased to know that the Internet Explorer 9 is faster and easier to use. Some say it could even rival the .

The Internet Explorer 8 was a nightmare, with millions of tabs, buttons, and unwanted stuff popping and spawning allover the interface. Microsoft got the message, plus a couple of helpful tips and hints from and Chrome as they improved the overall interface of the in Internet Explorer 9. The window looks alot like Chrome as it displays only the important navigation buttons you use plus a unified search and address bar. The search and address bar is powered by , by default, but users can change it pretty easily to Google, Yahoo, Facebook, or whatever you desire.

Another welcome feature of the is the integration of application shortcuts, which allow you to pin any apps to your taskbar. What sets this bad boy apart from Google Chrome’s version of app integration is that it gives you a jumplist, allowing you to go straight to the given links you want instead of the app’s homepage.

Finally, gone are the days where managing your IE tab is horror-incarnate as the IE9 provides you with an easy-breezy, intuitive experience as you manage your tabs just like the way Google Chrome does.

The Internet Explorer 9 has alot of changes that overall provides a more comforting experience. Check it out for yourself and download the program right now by following this link.

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