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Today’s Tablet Roundup: HP TouchPad Set for June Release; ASUS Eee Pad Transformer FCC Approval Hints Closer Breakdate

Written on March 15, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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The HP TouchPad and ASUS Eee Pad are soon coming out as they enter the battlefield dominated by a fruit.

There’s no stopping the 2 from dominating the market once again, but perhaps the HP Touchpad and the can gather up some momentum before they make a release date. The HP Touchpad is slated for a June release while the much-hyped for PC beta is set for the end of 2011; the ASUS Eee Pad on the other hand has just passed the , brewing speculations that the contender is out for a release really soon.

According to HP CEO Leo Apotheker the HP TouchPad “will come out in June and from that date onwards there will be wave after wave of coming out to support the webOS platform. There will be a beta version for webOS running on a browser on PCs available at the end of the year and you’ll see us putting webOS on that technolgoy on PCs, on Windows PCs I should add, starting from that point onwards and we hope to read 100 million devices a year. We’ll put the same on our printers, we’ll put them on PCs, we’ll put them on TouchPads, we’ll put them on smartphones, so you’ll see this become a very massive, very broad platform.”

Consumers need not to worry about dual-booting because the webOS will be an app for Windows rather than a seperate operating system.

The Windows 7-powered ASUS Eee pad made an appearance on the FCC as it’s WiFi and Bluetooth fuctionality has been approved. Tagged under the name “Eee Pad TF101″ it is said to be the “Transformer” tablet and keyboard dock device which was shown last CES 2011.

Let the tablet wars begin!

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