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Angry Birds Rio: Exclusive on Amazon’s AppStore for Android

Written on March 16, 2011 by Charles Bass

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Think you'll be heading to the Android Market to grab the newest addition to the avian vengeance saga? Think again.

The next “Rio-rific” installment of our favorite furious, winged friends will lay their eggs on Amazon’s AppStore for — exclusively.

This technique is made to promote the movie and reach out to users of the insanely popular game. It’s also a scheme to increase the traffic for the retailer. As Amazon puts it:

If you love those birds and hate those pigs like we do, you will be pleased to hear that an all-new installment of the quirky bird pack is coming soon. The Android version of , the follow up to the smash hits Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons, will launch exclusively in the .

What does this mean for you?
More traffic, more customers! The Angry Birds franchise has been downloaded over 100 million times – the Android installed base is over 30 million . When we launch the Amazon Appstore, we will be teaming with Rovio to drive those customers to the store – which means more traffic to the Amazon Appstore and more customers for you.

But isn’t it, there’s no exclusive launch for Amazon AppStore yet? Fear not. Amazon says that the AppStore is “launching very soon.”

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