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Konami and Level-5 Express Sympathy and Support to Earthquake Victims

Written on March 17, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Konami and Level-5 join in the cavalry of gaming companies out to save Japan.

More and more gaming companies are starting to jump into the relief efforts for Friday’s earthquake and tsunami victims, and Japanese big shots – and – have recently expressed their sympathy and condolences along with a generous sum of support.

Konami pushes the bar even further by doing a Capcom as they will be shutting down external lights of their buildings to conserve electricity. Level-5 on the other hand will be donating Inazuma Eleven Mobile sales for the cause.

We respectfully and condolences to the people you passed away in the northeastern Pacific Ocean earthquake this time, I would like sincere sympathy to everyone affected has been. To contribute to relief and reconstruction of affected areas of , we help raise money donations from employees as a group from the group Konami Konami 1 billion. Also the group in response to power shortages Konami Tokyo Electric Power, lights off in the outdoor advertising facilities at Tohoku Electric Power Pipe, banned overtime at night, do power-saving measures such as reducing opening hours of each facility Konami Sports Club We.We sincerely pray for the safe recovery as soon as possible and everyone has been affected.

Level Five Inc. President and CEO, Hino Akira
For this time of the northeastern Pacific Ocean earthquake, the damage people were millet, We sincere sympathy. In Level Five, Inc., the local reconstruction of the affected areas for victims of this earthquake, is ready as soon as the relief money donated 1,000 million yen. In addition, we operated our “Mobile Eleven” We deliver content in a charity, “Eleven disaster relief fund,” as we will donate to charity the full amount of the sales of our content. (Details will be announced later.) We sincerely pray for the recovery of the affected areas as soon as possible.

For more information on their relief efforts visit these following sites:


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