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Crytek Responded to IGN’s Crysis 2 Article

Written on March 18, 2011 by Adam Eve

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There's a war going on between Crytek and IGN, after the latter criticized Crysis 2's performance on PS3.

Gaming website, .com, published an article that criticizes the PS3 version of . And with little to no choice, game developer responded to the article in question.

As stated on IGN’s post:

“The performance of the PS3 version is pretty underwhelming. The framerate is frequently low and choppy. There are jagged lines everywhere, and shadows are especially messy. There’s a muddiness to the graphics that’s hard to stomach in the wake of the PS3′s other flagship showpieces, and worse, the variable framerate really hurts controller response.”

As a reply, Crysis 2’s executive producer, Nathan Camarillo, said:

“I’ve gone on the record saying that if you stick PS3 and 360 side by side I would challenge anyone to find any meaningful difference. I don’t see it at all.”

That said, IGN admitted that “this build could be a few weeks to a few months old, and optimization is often rapid and pronounced toward the end of a game’s development period.”

Well, let gamers find out who’s telling the truth when the retail version of Crysis 2 comes out.

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