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Sony Sticking with Traditional Controllers for PS4?

Written on March 19, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Motion control-only PlayStation 4, a no go according to PlayStation Move architect.

Even with the success , seems to be sending a message that their next PlayStation console will not ship with a Move-like controller instead of a traditional gamepad. R&D wizard Dr. explains through an interview at Gamasutra that “we’re not trying to get rid of the gamepad.”

According to Marks, the idea that Sony might go for motion-only controllers for “won’t make sense.” So will stick to the traditional D-pad controllers then, but will most likely still be compatible for the PlayStation Move.

“The gamepad is a really good abstract device,” Marks shared. “It can map to so many different things. It doesn’t map one-to-one to those things, but it doesn’t need to for a lot of game experiences.” It may be hard to play role-playing games and other non-motion involved titles without the traditional controllers. But Marks did not deny that the PlayStation Move is here to stay a little longer.

When asked about his opinion about controlling games via brain waves, Marks seem a little skeptical:

“I think the brain interface thing is too far… When you play some of the experiences like Rock Band where you break into a sweat playing the drums, those things are good. I like those things. I don’t want to remove all of that.”

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