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Two affordable, high-perfomance in-ear headphones

Written on March 20, 2011 by R. Cruise

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Looking for reasonably priced, great-sounding headphones? Well, say hello to MEElectronics A151 and Thinksound ts02.

According to Steve Guttenberg,’s audio blogger, the headphone is the best-sounding in-ear headphone under $100 to date. In his review, he said:

The headphone’s very flexible, 47-inch-long twisted cable looks like the wires used on expensive custom in-ear models from Ultimate Ears and JH Audio, but the A151 headphone’s build quality is otherwise average. Comfort was good, so the headphone was easy to wear for long periods of time.

The MEElectronics A151 comes with five sets of eartips (small/medium/large silicon; double flange; large triple flange) and a clamshell carrying case.

The meanwhile, (only $79.99) is also currently one of the affordable and quality in the market, also according to Guttenberg.

Thinksound also takes a very ‘green’ approach to marketing its products, emphasizing the ‘hand-crafted sustainable wood’ housings of the earpieces,” he says. He added that

“The headphones feature an in-ear 8 mm high-definition driver and 50-inch-long PVC-free cables. The ts02 is offered in silver cherry or black chocolate finishes, and they come with four sets of eartips in a cotton carrying pouch. The ts02 comes with a one-year warranty, and Thinksound doesn’t charge extra for shipping.”

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