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Microsoft Now Second Most Viewed for Online Videos

Written on March 23, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Microsoft is starting to get back on its feet. After a triumph over Yahoo! for the most used web search engine, the company musters up another feat by being the second most viewed provider of online videos.

After all the downplay coming from every corner, it’s good to see is finally gaining momentum. Their websites gave the company enough numbers to become ’s second of video.

Garnering a total of 48.8 thousand unique viewers in February, Microsoft nabbed the spot from ! which received 46.7 thousand unique views. Meanwhile, – being backed by the might of Youtube – continues to dominate the category with 140 thousand unique visitors.

The result is a good follow-up after Microsoft’s jumps past Yahoo! as the most used search engine. Is Microsoft starting to get its mojo back from the old glory days?

Here’s the complete chart from

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