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Apple AirPlay to Bring Video Streaming to TV?

Written on March 24, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Apple takes another crack at television, perhaps they'll do a better job this time.

Is setting their sights on again? Well, that seems to be the tale of the tape as a interview with anonymous sources reports that the fruit company is about to extend ’s cability to bring to the television.

So far, Apple has attempted to enter the television scene with the Apple TV, which has already reached the 1 million sales mark. An impressive feat, yes, but not particularly something that leaves competitors worried.

At the moment, AirPlay can only stream audios which allow users to play their iTunes library through third-party stereo systems such as Bowers & Wilkins and Denon. It can also stream videos via Apple TV to and , but if rumors are true, then AirPlay will expand its video streaming services to third-party televisions as well.

With TV makers moving ahead with their own online content platforms and as Amazon and Vudu establishing their territories in the video streaming market, Apple now needs a bigger presence in the catergory far beyond the Apple TV.

Bloomberg analysts dismissed the idea of Apple making its own television hardware as the competition in that arena grows stiff.

So is Apple all set to dominate televsion this time?

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