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Final Fantasy Type-0 Battle System Decoded

Written on March 24, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Get ready for some action-packed, ability-based battle system as you deck it out with Final Fantasy Type-0.

Things are starting to heat up as more details of surfaces via . This time we’re introduced with the game’s that is pretty resonating to the other titles released, but the title gives some twist with the mechanics that keeps things fresh.

The battle system for Type-0 has players forming parties of three and use abilities, skills, weapons, etc in fighting enemies. A successful encounter begins and ends with the proper switching between the three in the party.

The controls will make use of the console’s face buttons which are the triangle, square, circle and x. Each button has corresponding abilities to them and each ability used will fill up a gauge called “Ability Gauge.” The Ability Gauge seems to act like a ‘Limit Break’ indicator which accesses players to special attacks by pressing circle and triangle at the same time. Use of these special attacks consume and may even deplete the Ability Gauge.

Dengeki also shared a sneak preview of what battle styles of three revealed characters namely Ace, Nine and Queen.

Ace is a jack of all trades and uses cards for his attacks. The cards have different effects on them which can perform several roles such as damage, status changes, and even healing.

Nine is a semi-melee fighter who uses a lance. Just like any lance-wielder in the Final Fantasy series, Nine can jump up high in the air and land a devastating blow to enemies surrounding his strike point. His standard attack is said to be “Holy Lance.”

Queen is a melee fighter who uses a sword. Her standard attack is “Mythryl Saber” and her special attack is “Cross” which can damage opponents and heal allies.

Enemy encounters vary everytime. There are some where enemies flee, some surrender, and some just plain die. There will also be instances where there’s a lead enemy, which when killed, immediately ends the battle even if there are others around.

Famitsu magazine is also going to give Type-0 details on its next issue. Let’s hope is right on track in making the next title for the series a mark of redemption for their flawed Final Fantasy XIII series.

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