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The Battle of Tablets is On

Written on March 25, 2011 by R. Cruise

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There’s the iPad, the Galaxy Tab, the upcoming BlackBerry Playbook and Acer Iconia, plus several more Android tablets. With a fast-increasing number of choices made available to the market, buyers are now given a harder time in selecting the best tablet PC for them.

CEO Steve Jobs may, after all, be right in his statement during the launch of :

“2011 will be the year of the copycats.”

Apple’s big boss was obviously referring to products coming off the assembly lines of rival companies like Samsung, RIM, LG, Motorola and , which are also betting big stakes on .

They may be copycats, but apparently, at least one of them has managed to find its inimitable edge. Samsung has launched a that’s thinner and lighter than the already lightweight 2.

The , meanwhile, boasts a screen display that is said to be clearer, and less grainy than the Apple tablet.

Only within a month after the iPad 2’s debut, these developments are certainly enticing for the consumers. Will Apple manage to stay on the top spot in this product category? Tell us what you think.

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