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iPad 2: Upgrading or Not?

Written on March 28, 2011 by Charles Bass

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The iPad 2 has landed. Finally we're saying it's official and it's indestructible. However, does this mean you have to put the number "2" on your iPad?

Last Christmas, you’ve made the the number one in your wish list. Finally, come yuletide, you’ve been given or you’ve bought yourself one. From that day until Tuesday, you’re happy and contended. Not until Wednesday.

Now after a few ecstatic months of carrying the famous , the second generation generation of iPad surfaces in the horizon. So the biggest question is: Will you be getting an upgrade as a new year gift to yourself?

Why should you upgrade for an , really?

Actually, there are not so many differences from the two iOS . You’re still getting the same , same apps, and same games. However, with iPad 2, there are some add-ons that you might consider.

FaceTime, anyone?

The first iPad was tagged as the “almost perfect” tablet. Almost because you’re not getting FaceTime, so you still have to buy an iPhone 4 if you want that use the said feature. Hence put an end to the “almost” word in your vocabulary. The iPad 2 carries not only one, but two cameras. Front and rear just like what the rumors said. Not only will you be able to use FaceTime but you can now record video and take some snap shots. Edit videos with iMovie and apps will be able to use the camera function in a slick way the iPhone 4 does.

Hello A5 Dual Core Chip!

Of all the differences of the iPad 2 to the iPad, this one is considered the hugest. The dual core chip means you can handle apps in full blow just like Mac. Features such as iMovie and Garageband are something to enjoy about this upgrade. So if you’re wanting some full blown Mac-like function, skip the occasions and upgrade to iPad 2.

The Advanced Tablet

So the A5 Dual Core Chip enables you to play with some Mac-tastic features, now what? Oh, the iPad 2 is now capable of pretty much advanced games and more apps at the same time. If you’re a hardcore gamer, Apple says: “Go Gamer, Go!” The iPad 2 is the right tablet for you.

Slim and Sexy

Among the biggies, this one claims the second top spot. Save some energy with this mouth-watering slim and sexy iPad 2. If the thing that makes you hate your tablet is weight, then ditch the fatty iPad and grab hold of the 5mm slimmer iPad 2.


The apps and games for the iPad 2 are made better with gyroscope. This will blow up wonders to the iOS tablet, making it invincible and indestructible.

Really, the choice between upgrading from iPad to iPad 2 lies in your hands. If you’re contended with the wonders of the iPad, then why throw away dollars? But if you’re geek spot was touched by iPad 2, then go for it. Life is short. Why not enjoy every precious day with a wonder, right?

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