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Test Drive Apps at the Appstore with an Android Virtual Machine

Written on March 28, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Put the Android apps to the test with Appstore's Test Drive feature!

Not sure if the app you’re going to buy will tickle your fancy? Well got your uncertain minds covered, as they introduce the over at the . users are already impressed with the user-interface and the plethora of apps the appstore can offer, but having the Test Drive feature? Well that’s Amazon and for you!

The Test Drive feature is what the name implies, search for an app that you’re interested in buying at the Amazon Appstore, check out the reviews, and if you’re not convinced with the reviews, you test it out before buying. So where do we test this app? On your desktop/laptop browser of course!

What’s just as amazing as the Amazon Appstore Test Drive feature is the interface you’re going to test the app with. Testers will be able to try out the apps on a simulated Android smartphone on your web browser which, instead through the touch of your fingertips, works using mouse controls. You can also access the Android phone simulator’s gallery, music, and even surf the web using it.

Android explains “Clicking the ‘Test drive now’ button launches a copy of this app on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), a web service that provides on-demand compute capacity in the cloud for developers. When you click on the simulated phone using your mouse, we send those inputs over the Internet to the app running on Amazon EC2 – just like your mobile device would send a finger tap to the app. Our servers then send the video and audio output from the app back to your computer. All this happens in real time, allowing you to explore the features of the app as if it were running on your mobile device.”

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