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Flash-less Mozilla Firefox for Android Debuts in Android Market Today

Written on March 29, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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The quick red Mozilla Firefox jumped over the fence to Android's backyard.

In case you’re not fully satisfied with your browsers on your mobile devices, well may (or may not) quench your thirst for some goodness, as its final version launches to the today. Unfortunately, the browser won’t be coming with the software. Strike one for Mozilla already, but let’s give the browser a chance, eh?

“For us, HTML5 and the open Web video standards are most important right now,” said Thomas Arend, Mozilla’s principal Product Manager. “Flash is a reality, though — I’m aware that it’s there and it’s going to be around for a while — so we’re definitely looking into it and will look into enabling Flash plugins in a future version.”

Though Flash is definitely down the drain until Mozilla finally decides to add a plug-in for the mobile Firefox, the web browser still has some edifying grace. Mobile Firefox aims to make tabbed browsing simple with a menu of open tabs that slides from the side of the screen.

Mobile Firefox can also be synced with your desktop Firefox, allowing you to transfer bookmarks, tabs, and even passwords between devices. And of course, what’s a Firefox browser without its famous/infamous library of add-ons.

The mobile Firefox is available on the Android Market for free. So check it out when you get the chance and share to us your experiences by posting comments below!

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