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Is Your Nintendo 3DS Freezing? Send it to Nintendo, They’ll Figure Something Out

Written on March 29, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Don't know what to do with your Nintendo 3DS if you experience any system freezes? Neither does Nintendo! That's why they're asking you to return it to them.

It’s been barely a week since the rolled into North American and other non-Japanese shores, and several gamers have already been experiencing system freezes on the console. These system freezes entail in either a blank white or , and an inability to turn the power off unless you remove the batteries.

Nintendo has already issued a statement at ’s Troubleshooting page, advising Nintendo 3DS owners with similar malfunctions to return their consoles to Nintendo for repair (or more likely a replacement).

has yet to share a word regarding the matter, while advises 3DS owners to try the latest system update first before contacting the Nintendo Center. There are no reports of any system errors from Nintendo 3DS owners in , so it looks like something went wrong when they were making the international edition of the handheld.

Here’s what the looks like. So the moment this happens to your Nintendo 3DS, you know who to call.

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  • Aneesa Anwar

    i was playing sims 3 and the screens froze! i am confused if the battery is heated…i am also not sure where the nearest nintendo store is in slough/uxbridge.

  • Melissa holloway

    i was playing the sims 3 too and it just kept freezing its bloody frustrating and i dont know where the nintendo store is in australia?

  • Miharu_sama

    The Sims game freezes all the time for me, but I think it’s the game and not the system.

  • Kimonogirl102190

    System freezes randomly while in the system menu

    • Soccergirl556

      thats what mine did what do i do???

  • magg

    my nintendogs is frozen right now and im playing nintendogs. it wont let me acess the home screen or turn it off

    • Felicia

      hold the power button for 5 seconds

  • Johnsifu

    Mine freezes and for some reason when playing Zelda, it goes into the pause save window.

  • lrojassanchez

    if there smart to make the  thing they should know how 2 fix it!!!!!

  • duane

    i was home when my lights and power went out i turned to my 3ds wanted too play a own load game it was mario 2 it gave i had just updated this nintendo zone it froze then my my netflix did the same i thought it because my wi fi is off the i called nintendo theysaid send it in

  • Paxton_drane

    I’ve had the same thing I know whats happened (some people might of got a error code in the nentendo E’Shop and a item keeps on downloading at good times when you are on a level that’s nearly complete then your game freezes or a Home menu screen the game freezes for 7 or 5 mins then zaps you to the E shop very stupid for extreme gamers)

  • jasmina

    i was about to take a pic when bam it froze

  • Henry

    Guys when I was Playing Dark moon I was in a heated battle with king boo and it froze durin g the second cutseen Plz help Love Henry of Coopcrowd

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