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Say Hello to Nokia Pure

Written on March 29, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Nokia gets a facelift! Bid your farewell to Nokia's famous typeface, Nokia Sans, because Nokia Pure will take the scene.

Every mobile phone user would agree that ’s – the Sans – is the most recognizable font in the world. But in tune with its new market strategy, the company is making a shift to its branding from the well-known sans to Pure.

The is a clean and beautiful font, designed specifically for digital environments. The new typeface will soon land on all Nokia devices, website, ads and documents. If you want to know how looks like as a typeface and on a mobile device, check out the images below.

A note or warning though: The font sample in mobile devices are not pictures of upcoming interface or handset. They are just mock ups to show the difference between and Nokia Pure.

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