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IE9 is the Most Energy-Efficient Web Browser — Microsoft

Written on March 30, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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If you're not convinced on switching from your current browser to Internet Explorer 9, then maybe the Microsoft browser's energy efficiency stats can change your mind. That's if you believe them.

Stretching its marketing muscle further, continues on its mission to win your web browsing hearts by releasing a new table showing data on a category that never really crossed our minds: . And in case you haven’t suspected the obvious, wins this round. But it’d be a surprise if it didn’t, considering that Microsoft is the one setting the parameters of the .

Apparently, Microsoft is stressing the point that softwares can be energy efficient as well as they ‘prove’ that the Internet Explorer 9 is the best in the category compared to Firefox, Chrome, , and . But the difference is so little, it’s almost ignorable.

It’s a little suspicious though that they tested them under Microsoft’s own parameters, like the FishIE Tank graphics acceleration test and not the more popular Adobe Flash test. Way to go Microsoft!

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