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Will Apple Finally Update Voice Commands on Rumored iOS 5?

Written on March 30, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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We won't get any iPhone 5 or iPad 3, but rumor mill begin to churn out something juicy for the mythical iOS 5: Voice command updates.

The rumor mill has churned anew, as fruit followers believe that the company’s long-overdue iPhone voice commands are getting a much needed update on the iOS 5 this fall. Of course, this has yet to be confirmed by the company itself. But given how ancient iPhone’s is compared to ’s, the rumor may not be a far-off reality.

Over the past year, Apple acquired a personal assistant application called . The app can look up places to go, and things to do along with travel information and even the weather conditions. More importantly, it utilizes voice commands. According to TechCrunch, is now being deeply integrated to the iOS.If this happens, iOS’s voice commands will act more like some artificial intelligence that responds to voice.

It’s been almost two years since Apple introduced voice commands for the iPhone. The feature allows users to make calls and play music by holding the iPhone’s home button, and speaking the appropriate command. This sounds neat — two years ago. But with Android pushing the bar of voice commands with abilities ranging from composing text messages, e-mails, and addresses, iPhone’s very own looks like ancient history.

But if prove to be true, then Google, we have a problem. Aside from updating the voice command’s , one thing that TechCrunch pointed out that would truly bring the Apple iOS voice command at par with the Android’s is to expand it to third-party apps. The time that happens, it’s gonna be an all out war between the two OS.

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