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Xbox 360 Gets 1GB More in New Disc Format, PS3 Says ‘Whatever’

Written on March 31, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Xbox 360 discs are about to get fatter, as Microsoft frees up 1GB space for the developers' ambitious delight.

Remember Mass Effect 2 for the ? Remember when we had to switch from Disc 1 to Disc 2 like it’s the PlayStation One era all over again? Sucks, right? Well according to Digital Foundry, that might change soon, as ’s unveiling an that will free up one gigabyte on its DVD disc. This is something developers and players are ought to be celebrating.

The usable space on an average Xbox 360 disc is 6.8GB out of 7.95GB. The remaining space is purportedly used for anti-piracy measures and a video partition. But considering how well Microsoft has handled piracy over the years, they’re giving the 1GB away for the developer’s delight.

The expansion of the Xbox 360 disc space is a necessary move on Microsoft’s part, considering that developers are starting to demand more from the consoles. With developers being more ambitious with every title released, and the particular path graphic engines are going from here on out, Xbox 360 players are starting to wonder if the console can still keep up with the times. Well here’s Microsoft answer; Probably.

The additional disc space for the next update is still lightyears behind ’s storage capacity, which uses a whopping 50GB of usable space. And unlike the Xbox 360 version of Mass Effect 2 where it had to divide the game into two discs, the version only needed one, and it even included three DLCs to boot.

Either way, Microsoft is right on track in catching up with the crowd. There have been no statements yet on when the update will arrive though.

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