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Category: Mobile Technology

Sony Music Unlimited Coming to PSP and NGP

Written on April 02, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Music's in the clouds, as Sony expands the Music Unlimited service to the PSP and NGP.

Looks like is sending their consoles to the clouds, as the company announced that its music – will reach PlayStation Portable (PSP) and Next Generation Portable ()soon. The service is currently being offered only to the PlayStation 3.

The Music Unlimited service, which contains over six million songs, offers two options: Basic Plan, which encompasses genre-specific and era-specific channels of music, costing £3.99; and Premium Service that additionally provides on-demand access to all songs and channels, costing £9.99.

In a move for consumers to have a unified account across platforms and ultimately give an overall convenient experience, Sony Network Entertainment CEO and executive vice president, Shawn Layden shares, “The heart of the offering here is that with the one account you can access this music on your TV, your , your laptop, your Blu-ray player, and have your music follow you wherever you go, rather than having to download all of your music into a device and make that device go with you everywhere.”

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