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Android App Review: Pulse News Reader

Written on April 03, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Tired of downloading all the apps of your favorite websites to get newsfeeds? Well Pulse News Reader's got the balls to give you every RSS feed you want under one cool interface.

Keeping up with the latest news and trends around the globe and around the clock can be a tough task, even with Mr. Internet by your side. With several websites and apps available for your phone to give you that need, wouldn’t it be awesome to have just one app that will give you all the information you want under one cool interface? Well, ’s got you covered.

A product of hardwork and ingenuity of three Stanford graduates, Pulse News Reader is a great app that provides access to RSS feeds from websites you want to get news hot-off-the-grill. You might say “Tch, yeah. So does NewsRob and NewsRoom, what’s the diff?” Well the ‘diff’ here is that Pulse gives you the news in an intuitive interface without being a stiff utilitarian UI that provides purely text. It’s got pictures with them!

From the jumpstart, Pulse provides you a list of popular websites such as Engadget and Gizmodo for your tech needs, and Cracked and CanIHasCheezburgers for your daily dose of comedy. These websites are separated by tabs which can be scrolled up and down, side to side.

Once you select a news that piqued your interest, you just select it and it will lead you to a page where it gives you the gist (or rather, first paragraph) of the news. From there you can immediately share the news via Twitter or Facebook or you can read the full article, although you need to open a browser to do that.

Your tabs are divided into categories ranging from your Top choices, Social, Fun, , , and so on. And if you’re not savvy with the choices Pulse gave you, you can easily remove them by selecting the Manage sources option, then touching the X on the website. Yes, it’s that intuitive and simple.

Finally, Pulse News Reader can be synced with your Reader, so you can just import all your stuff and continue the great experience under the roof of Pulse.

Almost everything about Pulse News Reader is great. The only downside here though is the significant lag you’re getting every time you try to browse through the tabs. Even with a capable phone, the app is still slow when sliding through the news feeds.

But overall, Pulse News Reader is a refreshing take on RSS news feeds compared to those available on the and Amazon Market to date. With a cool and modern approach on user interface, it’s definitely a must-have if your life depends on choosing your top 10 apps in your phone.


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