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Mobile Computing Celebrates 30 Years of Mobility

Written on April 04, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Mobile computing celebrates its 30th anniversary this April.

If you think that Macbooks and other laptops started out as the powerhouse computing devices that they are today, then you’re wrong. This week GADG is celebrating 30 years of mobile computer existence. So jump into the fray as we go for a quick hop into the past, with a short talk on the very first mobile computer.

It was on April 3, 1981 at a trade show in San Francisco, when the world first laid its eyes on the very first mobile computer, the Osborne 1. Manufactured by Osborne Computer Corporation, the portable computer has etched the way for computer makers in their aspirations of making their own version of the mobile computer.

The Osborne 1 was, at that time, one of the most advance computing technology the 80s have yet to see with a 5″ monochrome display within a 24 pound framework that’s just as big as a sewing machine. Unfortunately, the device had no batteries, though it did have a handle which qualifies it as a portable computer nonetheless under a price tag of $1795.

The Osborne 1 lasted only for two and a half years, and although it lifespan was short, it became an influential device that gave way to other manufacturers to make their own iterations of the technology.

Cheers to the 30th anniversary of mobile computing!

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