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Harry Potter E-Books Out to Charm the Electronic Publishing Industry?

Written on April 05, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Can the world famous boy wizard, Harry Potter, truly revolutionize electronic publishing?

It’s been four years since ’s has ended (in the that is), but it’s only now that the world famous writer is warming up to the idea of making e-book versions of the series. Welcome to the 21st century, Rowling!

According to BookBrunch Publishing industry site editor, Liz Thomson, the rights may be worth £100m. She even elaborated that “Experts believe that move could revolutionize the world of , triggering rocket sales of e-book readers such as Kindle and the .”

Can the Harry Potter cast a charm that would rock electronic publishing down to its core?

An interview with an expert, through the Scotsman newspaper, likens the digital launch of the Potter series to the Beatles finally landing their music on the iTunes store.

Really? Although the Beatles launch on iTunes made considerable sales in the market, it definitely wasn’t enough to ‘revolutionize’ anything, due to hardcore fans already owning the Beatles album or had other means of acquiring the music… bootlegs anyone?

That might be the same fate for the Harry Potter series considering that most of its fans already have the hard copy or have acquired e-books through other means.

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