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Category: Cameras

USB Cartridges Turn Digital Camera

Written on April 05, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Whether it is for real or just an April Fools joke, wouldn't it be nice to have a USB cartridge as a digital camera?

If you are a photographer attached to your analog equipment, yet the pull of digital age seems inevitable, then there’s a solution for you. proposes a that fits into any 35mm camera and connects to your computer via USB. The RE35 will be used in lieu of a film.

It has a sensor that captures images and saves them to a flash memory inside the cartridge. When plugged into a computer, it will transfer the images through built-in software. But here is the catch: People are not sure whether this is for real or just a belated .

As said by Pop Photo’s Stan Horaczek:

“It would be very interesting to see something like that. It would take some doing, though: Since it’s not hooked up to the shutter it would never know when to record an image.”

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