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Toshiba Rocks Rome with 2011 HDTVs

Written on April 06, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Remember the name 'Toshiba' when choosing your next HDTV. Their new lineup will simply blow your mind!

rocked the CES with their glasses-free 3D displays, but this time they decided to highlight their conventional HDTVs at an event in Rome. Make no mistake about it though, definitely made a good impression with their new TVs and laptops.

One that stands out above the rest of the competition is the model, which has everything ranging from a seven core CEVO CPU to Pro-LED512 panel. It is a first with its 512 zones of dimming with 3,072 LEDs, and a facial recognition system, which records preferences of the person using the television. Plus the television has active shutter 3D glasses to boot.

Toshiba also showcased several LEDs including the VL863, which will come in 47 and 42-inch iterations equipped with LG’s FPR passive glasses 3D and four pairs of 3D glasses. The UL863 drops 3D and replaces it with WiFi and Personal-TV.

Their new devices now tie in to , a portal which allows the user to access different types of apps for video, social networking, music and more. is set for a launch this April.

Prices and launch date have not been announced yet, but expect Toshiba to break the ice this month.

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