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What Happens to Your Xperia Play Game When There’s a Call?

Written on April 06, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Experience convenient gaming with Sony Xperia Play even when you receive a call.

The , aka the , has got the right stuff to deliver some sweet PS gaming under the comfort of a phone. But have you ever wondered what will happen if you receive a call while you’re playing a game on it?

Basically the game will cut out as the Xperia enters into phone mode. After taking care of business or just cancelling the phone call, the phone goes back to the game screen and a “continue” button will appear. This means the Xperia will pause the game once you grab a call, and you can conveniently play the game right where you left it.

However it is a mystery on what will happen when it comes to online or shared gaming. Will the phone call pause the other player’s phones as well? That’d be a sweet and annoying way of dealing with opponents when you’re on the verge of death in a fighting or shooting game.

The Xperia Play is set for a European release soon. No word yet as to when the US will take a crack at this bad boy.

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