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3D iPhone Experience From Hasbro

Written on April 07, 2011 by R. Cruise

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Who said you can’t go 3D with your iPhone?

has recently released a new tool that will turn your smartphone and your into a type of ViewMaster.

“My3D” which sells for a reasonable price of $35, is attached onto an or iPod touch, “allowing users to view apps and play games in 3D,” according to Cnet’s Lance Whitney.

“The My3D viewer has two openings through which people can place their fingers. The also comes with four different types of cradles to fit specific iPod and iPod Touch models,” Whitney elaborated.

Eight Hasbro 3D titles are currently being offered at Apple’s App Store, taking advantage of the new gadget. The Hasbro 3D app list include “My3D Presents”, an app that gives users sneak peeks of movie trailers and demos of . Also available are “My3D Sharks” a game that lets you explore the ocean’s depths through a shark’s point of view and a shooting game called, “My3D Sector 17”.

Also according to Whitney, the apps are all free for now. “Some of them, such as Sector 17, will cost $4.99 starting next month,” he said.

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