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Inifinity Blade, Not Shipping to Android Anytime Soon

Written on April 07, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Unless Android devices get standardized specs, it's very unlikely that Epic Awesome's Infinity Blade is coming to the Android OS.

Bad news -followers. The epic and awesome gaming company, , has announced that they have no plans of bringing the award-winning RPG – – to the OS anytime soon.

The reason? Epic Awesome believed that the only a few Android OS devices are capable of delivering the best Infinity Blade experience, unlike iOS users where the game runs at the same, consistent quality.

Epic executive, Mark Rein, elaborates that “When a consumer gets the phone and they wanna play a game that uses our , it’s got to be a consistent experience, and we can’t guarantee that [on Android]. That’s what held us off of Android.” It’s called the “Android fragmentation” according to Rein.

He further explains that at the moment, the Apple iOS environment is “the best place to make money” in the realm of smartphone gaming. Although there are already on the Android that uses Epic’s Unreal Engine, the developer believes that it’s not ready to share its prized stallion to the Google OS. Sorry Androiders.

Infinity Blade is an action RPG sword-fighting game for iPhone, and iPod. It’s the first mobile game powered by Epic’s cutting-edge Unreal Engine 3 technology. The game takes handheld gaming to new heights with gorgeous visuals, adrenaline-fueled battles and advanced character progression in a fully 3D castle realm.

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  • Cristiano Fernandez

    This game has pretty much the best graphics ever!

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