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Sony NGP Won’t Be Delayed After All

Written on April 07, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Looks like the Sony NGP is still set for a late 2011 release despite the massive earthquake and tsunami.

Bloomberg news reported earlier that the Next Generation Portable, or , will have its launch date delayed after last month’s earthquake and tsunami. Today, Corp. refutes the claim, as they announced that it’s sticking with the original plan of launching the handheld console by late 2011.

Looks like the Sony NGP has made itself back to our Christmas wishlist.

“So far we see no impact from the quake on our launch plan,” according to spokesperson, . However, the company will still continue to monitor the situation and its effects to its overall production.

Despite Bloomberg News reporting that the company is only considering of launching the Sony NGP to only one region – whether Asia, Europe, or the US – Fukuoka shares that it was already in the original plan that they would not launch the console in all three regions at once.

One step forward Sony, one step back Bloomberg.

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