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Android App Review: Wolfram|Alpha

Written on April 09, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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If Spock or Watson the supercomputer was turned into an app, it would be the Wolfram|Alpha.

Indeed, has etched the way for students and a variety of people in making their research fast, easy, and most of the times, dependable. However there are instances where searches tend to generate opinions instead of facts. There are also times when users need answer to math problems, which – admittedly – can’t help on since it goes beyond the basics. This is where the App |Alpha jumps into the scene.

is an Android app developed by . It is a computational knowledge engine that is the first step toward a real artificial intelligence. It provides facts instead of opinions to your queries which are gathered from up to 10 trillion pieces of data. So there’s no questioning that whatever you ask the app, it delivers the most accurate results.

What’s more is that it not only delivers simple queries about countries, caloric content of eggs, or particular statistics or weather at a particular date, it also provides solutions to math problems, even the most complex ones! The computations are answered from over 50,000 equations and algorithms, so there’s a slim chance that the answer would be wrong.

The interface is just as intuitive as Google. What’s more is when you bring up your qwerty pad, it immediately brings in a math input pad above the qwerty.

The only issue perhaps is that the app can’t segregate ambiguous queries, so when you start using the app, better be more specific for more accurate results.

Overall, this 2009 Best of What’s New Grand Winner by Popular Science app is probably the best one you could get in its category. You can do your homeworks, research or any random under-the-sun searches without the stain of opinions. It’s just gives pure facts and nothing else. Wolfram|Alpha is your minuscule version of Watson, the supercomputer that owned super humans in Jeopardy.


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