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Official StarCraft 2 Mods Now Available for Download

Written on April 09, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Get ready to attack, survive, and cook with Blizzard's new mods for StarCraft 2.

It’s the realm of the parodies as unleashes three of the four official : Blizzard’s first RTS cook-off, ; the Bejeweled-inspired, ; and a Left 4 Dead rip-off, . is still undergoing fixes, unfortunately.

Here are the details of each StarCraft 2 mod.

Aiur Chef: Apparently a rip-off of the popular cooking reality show, Iron Chef. Make no mistake though that the StarCraft 2 mod is just as exciting as the TV show (well at least the Japanese version not the lame American one), as players gather ingredients and cook recipes according to the theme ingredient. Ingredients can be acquired by gathering or killing beasts. Players will be scored according to the complexity of their recipes, and the player with the most number of points at the end of three rounds will earn the title Executor Chef.

StarJeweled: It’s BeJeweled with a twist. Combine jewels and attain energy points in order to create your own units and deploy them in an attempt to destroy your opponents defenses while protecting your own. It may sound easy, but managing your energy points and creating the right units to spend those points with is a daunting task that requires the best out of your strategic minds.

Left 2 Die: Left 4 Dead, anyone? At daytime, you are safe to tread the lands, but a night, it’s another story. Infested terrans rise from their hideouts and rain on your parade, as they attack your base without any remorse. It is your duty to defend your camp as much as you can during dark, and destroy the infested terrans’ hiding spot at dawn. It’s survival of the fittest, pray that it will be you.

So what’s the unlucky mod that didn’t make the cut yet? None other than Blizzard DOTA — the one that we’ve been wanting all this time. Good thing Blizzard has three awesome StarCraft 2 mods to keep gamers at bay, but for how long, we’re not sure.

The mods are available through the Custom Game panel of StarCraft 2. Just download the one you want, but make sure that there’s a Blizzard logo right next to it.

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