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What Do You Use Your Tablet For?

Written on April 11, 2011 by R. Cruise

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Tablets are apparently the hottest tech trend today, but have you ever wondered – what do people use them for anyway?

’s AdMob recently conducted a survey on what the Techies are doing with their PCs, where do they commonly use them and for how long.

The statistics show that tablet users tend to ignore their TVs and PCs because of their iPads, Galaxy Tabs and other slate devices. Their focus is to fill their with content.

Gaming, browsing or searching and email are the most popular activity on (according to the survey), in that order. Up to 84% of the 1,430 polled tablet users play games on their tabs, 78% use them for research, 74% use it for email and 61% use it to read news online. The two least activities are shopping and reading e-books, which garnered only 42% and 46% percent, respectively.

Users prefer to use their tablets at home rather than at work, which is perhaps why, according to the survey, tablets usage is more frequent during the night: 62% use them late in the day, 69% during the week.

Tablets are now seen to put PCs out of the picture in the near future. ’s Steve Jobs even predicted that gadgets similar to the to spearhead the initiate the “post-PC world. Now, research already indicates that users are trading their TVs and PCs for tablets.

The survey also reported a third of its respondents are spending more time using their tablets rather than watching TV, with 68% of those respondents saying they use their tablets at least for an hour everyday, and a whopping 78% reported decreased use of their laptops and desktop computers since owning a tablet.

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