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Apple Launches Final Cut Pro X

Written on April 13, 2011 by R. Cruise

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The latest version of Apple’s popular video editing is here: The Final Cut Pro X.

finally unveiled the new version of at an event at the National Association of Broadcasters trade show in Las Vegas. The newest version of the video-editing software is a “complete rewrite of the 12-year-old platform, according to Apple’s Peter Steinauer and Randy Ubillos.

Final Cut X is a 64-bit application written in Apple’s Cocoa, capable of utilizing all eight cores and over 4 GB of RAM of the Mac for specialized video editing.

It boasts a new interface, as well as new features to make the editing process faster and more efficient, like background rendering, full use of multi-core processors, and Apple’s Grand Central Dispatch system, as well as the option that allows editing while footage is being imported. The also has an extra feature that prevents audio and video tracks from being pushed out of sync by accident.

Also among the Final Cut Pro X’s features is the advanced people and shot detection, automatic audio cleanup and “range-based keywording,” an option that allows video editors to apply keywords to specific portions of a video.

Apple says the software hit the in June as a direct download for $299, replacing the $199 Final Cut Express, and coming in cheaper compare to the $999 Final Cut Studio suite.

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