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Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Cross Coming to the PSN

Written on April 13, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Relive the days when role-playing games were done properly as Sony includes Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Cross jumps into the PSN.

Nostalgia will definitely start to kick in as announced through Memeber Twitter that VI and will soon be making their way to Sony’s Game Archives service, aka the .

The news were revealed in differnet tweets by producer . No release date has been unveiled, but this news definitely fired up all the (former name of SquareEnix) fans out there.

Final Fantasy VI is a role-playing game (RPG) devleoped by Squaresoft (Square Enix today) originally for the . It was arguably one of the best, if not the best, Final Fantasy titles ever produced despite its aged graphics (an argument usually brought up by future FF’s devotees). Players jump into the world as Terra, a powerful being with a mysterious past. Join in her adventures as she discovers her true identity and uncovers the secrets of her powers.

Chrono Cross is an RPG also developed by Squaresoft for the PlayStation One. It is the sequel of the hit RPG, Chrono Trigger. Ride the waves of time as Serge, the most soft-spoken hero in the history of video games, as you jump from one dimension to another in saving the world from the brink of a chronic catastrophe.

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  • Hippo

    “Final Fantasy VI is a role-playing game (RPG) devleoped by Squaresoft (Square Enix today) originally for the PlayStation One.”

    I think it should say Snes here, FFVII was the first FF game on the psx afaik…

  • Jobu01

    yeah…FF6 was SNES not PSX like what Hippo said

  • Anonymous

    Actually guys, he’s right. Final Fantasy VI was released Stateside as FF3 on the SNES. But I’m sure you know that. It made its first appearance as “FF6″ along with the first localized release of Final Fantasy V on the original PlayStation in the Final Fantasy Anthology collection.

    Wow…just realized that I’m “that guy.”

  • FFfan no more

    It’s like wow,ever since the merger Enix now has to bring back all the games “SOFT”created.No not Enix the total utter jokes.Soft.Like they are showing how utterly bad they are since their merger.HINT HINT.They don’t know what their doing anymore.Don’t need to show me Enix.Look at your forums.Something said over & over & going.What are you thinking?FF13 is a joke don’t own it,don’t own 13-2 and when the obvious 13-3 comes out.Take them all off the selves and toss them to the trash.Send the message of not worth owning even free!Send copies back to Enix in pieces from a blender crapped on & burnt and tell those total morons to keep it.I like to find the morons who told them creating 13,then a sequel and now a obvious trilogy and shove a broom stick square up their queer asses and tell them to rotate.

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