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Category: Apple Hardware

iTable for the iPhone is iWin

Written on April 13, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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The iTable is everything you'll need in case you're the type of employee who loves fun and party.

Think you’ve seen all the docking stations and can’t take another gander even if it’s new? Well maybe this particular industrial design masterpiece can change your mind. ’s is definitely impressive beyond a doubt, as its sleek, -like design, plus a bachelor-padish appeal strikes as something to drool over.

Apparently, the iTable is designed particularly for the , but Engadget reports that it is also compatible with other smartphones as well. It consists of eight recessed speakers which surfaces from the table with just a swipe of the hand. It also has LED-lighted cupholders in case you want a Tron-like feel to it. What’s more impressive though is that the thing is all hand-crafted, granting it a certain degree of uniqueness.

Unfortunately, no details have been shared on how you can purchase one.

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