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Skype for Android, Unable to Protect Your Personal Information from Hackers

Written on April 15, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Android users got another thing to worry about, as Android Police unveils that the Skype app can easily give away personal information with little effort from hackers.

has unveiled that ’s client is vulnerable to hacks, thus potentially leading to massive leaks once the right people starts prying into it. According to website, neglected to encrypt and enforce permissions on its SQLite3 databases, the place where personal informations and chat logs are stored.

Police subjected the Skype for app under a security test using it’s own rogue app, . And – wow – did the app work like a charm, as it was able to gather personal information without the need for root or special information — just a username. According to the website, Skype is now investigating the situation, so expect some updates about the issue soon.

For the meantime, checkout the video demo from Android Police on its successful attempt in getting information from Skype.

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