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ASUS Tablets Getting Neonode zForce Optical Displays Later This Year

Written on April 16, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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ASUS acquires new optical touchscreens that give a thinner and more responsive tablets.

Looks like will be getting more of the ‘low cost high-performing touchscreens’ by the end of the year, as Neonode Inc. unveiled through a press release that the Taiwanese company is getting Neonode’s multitouch displays. ASUS shared that it’s planning to ship a ‘series of products’ with these displays before 2011 comes to a conclusion.

So what do these zForce displays do anyways? There aren’t any specific details of what makes this particularly special, but according to Engadget, the screens don’t go with any additional layers on top of the display, making the tablets different from the common capacitive and resistive ones. In layman’s terms, it’s thinner and more responsive. Win, right?

Neonode’s certainly elated about sharing this news as Thomas Eriksson, CEO of Neonode Inc. shares: “I’m very proud to announce an agreement with a leading global company like . I firmly believe that the combination of our low cost high-performing touch screen and the outstanding know-how and experience of will make this a win-win for both and Neonode.”

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